Meet The Makers

Meet The Makers

Welcome to the Locals Only Project. 

Created with makers in mind, the Locals Only Project represents a concerted effort to support the makers, growers, and small businesses in your community. In a world where it is often times more convenient to choose big box store over Mom & Pop, something primal within us has been lost. We all innately strive to be part of a tribe, something larger than ourselves. That comforting feeling has been diminished as the neighborhoods we live in become more and more distant.  Buying LOCAL fulfills that void head on.  We encourage our customers to do just that. Get out there, meet the maker, watch their process, learn something new, become inspired, and most importantly create a connection to your goods. As a wood worker myself, I truly believe that you can have a relationship with everyday items. To use a wooden coffee table that was sourced from a fell tree in your town and crafted by the hands of your neighbor is far different than kicking your feet up on a China-based laminate piece of junk from said big box stores. It in turn becomes an experience each time you use these locally sourced items rather than a subconscious, minuscule event in your life.   There are some really cool people out there, following their passions, making really cool things. Support THEM instead of supporting a CEO's third beach house. Thank you for your support and cheers to the journey!

- Cory Panettieri


  • Jennifer Deiner

    This is super cool! I started my own business almost a year ago making hemp jewelry and keychains. I’ve loved getting to know other makers and supporting small businesses! Love your product and website ✌?

  • Matthew Kime

    I am an aspiring wood worker. My wife and I have turned our passion to create into a small business called KimeDesign. I came across your instagram page (added your page) and I thoroughly enjoy the design of your “merch.” I myself see the value in making something yourself rather than buying from a large company. Hopefully in the near future we can expand our business and I can do it full time. I just wanted to say congrats on the new line of merchandise. I would love to purchase some in the near future but living on a budge/minimalist lifestyle. Best of luck and looking forward to opening a dialogue.

    -Matt Kime from KimeDesign

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